Add Utility to Your NFT Collection

Zaisan develops customised NFT staking platforms that improve engagement and loyalty, to meet the needs & expectations of NFT communities.

Customised NFT Staking Platforms

Complete development and hosting of NFT staking platforms for any NFT publisher looking to add utility to collections in the form of staking (passive income) and governance (voting system).

The development allows multiple customisations, such as connecting to specific wallets, staking options, staking rewards, fee splits, and connecting to your own token or creating a new one.

Development NFT staking platform road map

Keep up with Expectations of the NFT Community

Staking is quickly becoming a standard for NFT collections.
Adding utility like staking brings rewards for both the users and the platform itself.

Custom-made solutions

Carefully define your concept, achievability, and profitability.

Existing use case

We successfully launched a Staking platform with our partner R2.

Dev team specialised in NFT

We know the NFT space. Not only the technicalities and legalities but also what makes communities tick.

How it Works

Step 1: Discovery sessions

Deep-dive into your exact needs and wishes. Usually, this takes multiple sessions and research.

Step 2: Development in sprints

Make the project more manageable, launch with phased releases, and have more flexibility to adapt to changes.

Step 3: Educate & onboard users

Take time to explain the concept in a simple way. Highlight the possible gains and no risks.

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