Discover how you can leverage your triple bottom line. A thought-leadership piece.

Ebook Using Blockchain for Sustainability

Ebook Updated: 03/2024

With sustainability demands rising, businesses are forced to adapt to expectations. When looking at how businesses approach their triple bottom line,  we encounter two main issues:

  • Businesses do not tend to cater to all three pillars within the sustainability framework (people, profit, and planet), but often focus on one or two
  • Blockchain is an often forgotten considerable for sustainability maximisation

Through this ebook, we explain how you can accommodate the demands of sustainability through blockchain technology.

Here’s a high-level overview of what you will find inside:

  • Impacts of blockchain technology on the three pillars of the triple bottom Line
  • Use cases to describe real-world examples
  • Barriers to adoption, accompanied by strategic implications 
  • A glossary, for a full understanding of the components of blockchain technology