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Deciding on a blockchain

Ebook Updated: 03/2024

Our expert team is highly engaged in the web3 community and has spoken to hundreds of projects. We encountered two main issues:

  • A project may already be built on a certain blockchain, but it is not performing as expected in terms of the business case, legal compliance, or the stability of the software
  • Everything in blockchain is new, so it can be difficult to decide which blockchain to trust, is easy to build on, and has the right features

Through this ebook, we explain how you can avoid these pitfalls and guide you through this journey.

Here’s a high-level overview of what you will find inside:

  • Technological factors to consider in assessing a blockchain’s performance
  • Impact of blockchain communities on your business
  • Best practices to determine a blockchain’s growth potential
  • Importance of EU regulations for a blockchain’s mainstream adoption