Successfully Launch Your NFT Project

Zaisan provides all the experience, technical and legal knowledge to create, publish, and manage your NFT project.

Make the Right Choices

It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Let us guide you so you can keep focusing on the creative and marketing.

Custom-made solutions

Carefully define your concept, achievability, and profitability.

Legal help with IP

In-house legal expertise specialised in IP and copyright.

Technical execution

Turning visuals into actual NFTs, creating packs and rarity structure.


Since partnering up with Zaisan, we’ve had several instant sellout NFT releases such as Mutants, Monsters of Rap, Graffiti Kings, Cartombs, and Geepeekay. We are constantly adding extra utility to increase community participation. Zaisan will continue to steer R2 in the right direction in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Roberto Nichela

Co-founder & CEO, R2 Collectibles

Clients and Partners

High-level Project Overview

Step 1: Ideation Phase

Determining the concept. A rough idea of set size, variations, and features.

Step 2: Polishing Phase

Finalize the idea, structure, and start design work.

Step 3: Execution Phase

From pre-sale to post-sale. Compliancy, tests, launch, and manage.

New Technology, New Opportunities

For specific collections, we have a partnership with R2 that launches via the R2 AtomicHub subdomain. An example of continued innovation is the gamification of NFT collections.

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