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We Handle the Rest

Zaisan Bridge allows you to swap tokens between EOSIO and EVM blockchains, such as BSC, Wax, and ETH.

Cross-Chain Bridge Hosting

Relieving GameFi and DeFi platforms of the worries of running a cross-chain bridge for tokens by offering a decentralised multi-oracle hosting service.

We offer the service with 1, 3, or even 5 oracles (independent companies). Multiple oracles will allow for maintenance without interruption in the bridge service.

Don’t Be Limited by One Blockchain

High transaction fees are no fun. Take advantage of what other blockchains have to offer.

Decentralised hosting

Independently hosted by Zaisan with any number of oracles.

Maintenance & support

24h/day with monitoring. Email support & dedicated Telegram channel.


No single point of failure

Multi-server ETH & BSC infrastructure.

We Care About Your User Experience as Much as You

Our Clients

Hosting Plans

Hosting Plans

How it Works

Step 1: Discovery meeting

This allows us to understand your exact needs and determine the optimal oracle infrastructure.

Step 2: Set-up

We provision the servers on our back-end, front-end development (if needed) and connect to your platform.

Step 3: Get ready for more users

You can work on informing your community, launch marketing campaigns and build your user base.

Any Reason to Not Use the Zaisan Bridge?

The scripts and the contracts are open-source. Why should we pay you?

We give you one less thing to worry about. This allows you to focus on running your product and building your business with the confidence to know that we are there to support your growth every step of the way.  

We don't want to work with just 1 party. Is your hosting decentralised?

We’ve got you covered, we have a network with multiple partner companies in Europe, the USA and APAC. We can provide as many nodes and oracles as required to meet your needs. All with flexible, scaling pricing. 

What about those big hacks happening with bridges. Is your bridge safe?

We take security seriously. All our infrastructure is routinely audited and all the code we operate is checked by trusted experts. If you have any concerns please book a call and we can go through in depth how we operate. 

What is Wax and why should we use that blockchain?

Wax is built for trading and holding of NFT’s with NO transaction fees, scalability, and it’s carbon-neutral.

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