The Perfect Place to Start

Lower the barrier of entry when you are looking to leverage blockchain technology. More than a test net. See how your application will perform in a live environment.

Blockchain as a Service

Offering businesses a cost-effective (decentralised) blockchain infrastructure to launch proofs-of-concept with all the main core functionalities, but also resources (delegated proof of stake) at your disposal. We can then even facilitate a bridge to ETH.

We lower the barrier of entry for businesses looking to leverage blockchain technology. If your company lacks the technical expertise or resources in-house, hire Zaisan to provide end-to-end secure blockchain infrastructure solutions tailored to fit your specific business needs. We grow with you, from start-up to enterprise.

Robust Blockchain Infrastructure

An unhackable, immutable ledger where all the information is safe.

Streamline processes

Improve the speed and transparency of your processes, while lowering costs at the same time.

Personalised monitoring tools

Allow you simple access to oversee how we maintain your new blockchain infrastructure.

Quick deployment

Launching blockchains while you sleep.

Complete control

Decide your own rules, appoint your own authorised actors, and gain valuable insights into your processes.

Secure data

Protect data from unauthorized access and from being lost with the help of blockchain technology.

Experienced node operators

Choose from a list of experienced node operators around the EU to run your private blockchain.

Rapid POC Process

Step 1: Define

All infrastructure and software architecture requirements will be scoped and defined by our technical consultants.

Step 2: Design

We design the necessary APIs, Blockchain Infrastructure, Smart Contract specification, and any other required components, such as GUI and front-end design.

Step 3: Develop

Develop and deploy the application, smart contracts, tokenomics models (if required), etc… Alpha testing will be conducted, followed by a customer-driven Beta Testing Phase.

Step 4: Deliver

Full software deployment support as the POC moves to the Go-Live phase. Functional testing and User Training will be provided prior to pushing the application to live.

Public versus Private

Choose public or private blockchain or both. Public for use cases that need transparency. Private for use cases that do need security, closed-group transparency, and all the other blockchain benefits.

In most cases, this private chain will apply anchoring – hashing – header synchronisation on a public chain in order to have an immutable audit trail of the private chain. This proves that the chain processed a transaction correctly. By connecting chains, you achieve a web of trust.


On which chains can Zaisan execute public use cases?

On all chains where we are block producers. Currently, that is EOS, Telos, Proton, Europechain, WAX, and Ultra.

Which chain is the best choice?

The choice depends on the needed add-ons. For example,

  • EVM (execute Ethereum Solidity smart contracts): EOS or Telos
  • Payments: Proton has many features (wrapped valuta & Fiat on and off ramps), EOS has Tether USDT onchain
  • GDPR: Europechain
  • Integration with the India stack: Indiachain
  • NFTs & large marketplace: WAX
  • NFTss & small marketplace: Proton
  • Gaming: Ultra

The wallet choice is also an important factor. Plus, we can bridge to BSC.


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