Take Control of Your Identity

my.D is a secure data vault and identity management tool to allow for more efficient control of who has access to personal data and why.

my.D Decentralized Digital Identity mobile app

Self-sovereign Identity

my.D is a Web3 Auth Mobile App. A powerful self-sovereign, decentralised digital identity management tool. A secure personal asset & data vault where you can authenticate and view your NFTs, like your art, collectibles, and vouchers.

my.D is versatile and benefits both users and enterprises in various ways, by increasing control and ownership for users, and by lowering costs and risk for enterprises.


People should be in complete control of anything they own online, including personal data.

Benefits for Users

Secure data

A secure way to store and share personal data (+ revoke access).


Prove you are a human and not a bot (get whitelisted).

Easy access

Access to web3 services with W3C DID.

Benefits for Enterprises

Real users

Add humans, not bots.


Know Your Customer. For example, KYC for DeFi.

Cut risk & reduce cost

No need to store & secure customer data in-house.

Web3 marketing

Improved marketing opportunities (whitelisting + easy entry).

Liveness check

Sign transactions using liveness check – meaning, only if “you are you”.


Check Verifiable Credentials.

User-friendly KYC & NFT Viewer

KYC Self-sovereign identity
Blockchain Identity Management
NFT Viewer
NFT Vouchers

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